Jul 31

Global Warming Fashion Trends

Will global warming inspire new a new wave of office fashion in the US?  It is happening already in the European Union where EU Commission bureaucrats are being encouraged to dress down on hot days to reduce the CO2 intensive A/C–that is according to the Financial Times.  

The FT reports that the Commission has made the recommendation with an internal note encouraging the 11,000 person staff to dress down during the hot summer months.  That leaves this writer with two questions:    What Global warming inspired styles do Americans have to look forward to this fall? 

Here are some Global warming fashion trends to look out for:

  • A green Apple iPod celebrating Earth Day
  • Wearable Greentags from the Bonneville Environmental Foundation
  • State liscense plates touting renewable portfolio standards 
  • Carbon Neutral Coffee
  • A Terrapass branded clothing line 

Have more?  Add them to the list…

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