Monthly Archive: November 2009

Nov 19

An inspirational end to a memorable trip

November 18, 2009 Gary Gero As most people know, large parts of the Amazon rainforest are being cleared (cut down or burned) every day. This process is known as “deforestation” and is estimated to be responsible for between 15%-20% of global CO2 emissions. Today we visited two sites that had been previously deforested to create […]

Nov 17

Rubber tapping in Xapuri

November 17, 2009 Gary Gero Yesterday we saw how indingenous peoples are using intact forest lands, and today we learned about the use of managed forests (and – here’s a preview – tomorrow we consider restoration of deforested areas). We travelled to the town of Xapuri in the southern part of Acre near the Bolivian […]

Nov 16

Ashanika: a study in sustainable practices

November 16, 2009 Gary Gero The enormity of the Amazon becomes readily apparent after flying for hours over thick forests only to see on the map that we have covered but a sliver. Today we travelled by small turboprop airplane west from Rio Branco through rain clouds to an area near the Peruvian border and […]

Nov 15

Studying rainforests in the Brazilian Amazon

November 15, 2009 Gary Gero I’m very excited to be writing today from the town of Rio Branco in the state of Acre (pronounced “ah-cray”) in the Brazilian Amazon where Linda Adams, Secretary of California EPA; Mike Chrisman, Secretary of California’s Natural Resources Agency; and I are studying the pressures on the rainforest and learning […]