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Apr 20

Hello world!

Welcome to WordPress. This is your first post. Edit or delete it, then start blogging!

Jan 01

Standard Carbon News

Effective the first of this year, 2011 we will no longer be offering a bulk offsetting service for individual purchases. Businesses and people wishing to purchase offsets should inquire with terrapass.  We have always been fans of their pioneering leadership and high standards for real offsets.   In many cases, their service is supperior to …

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Aug 20

There is a “spark spread” and a “dark spread,” what about a “fart spread?”

When energy companies look at the cost of building a new, natural gas fired power plant they use a metric for investment called the spark spread to calculate the cost of natural gas and the potential profit from converting its energy into electricity.  A combined cycle gas fired turbine can convert the energy in natural …

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Sep 09

Fight Global Warming with a Tax Cut

An innovative solution to economic crisis and global warming debate that every environmentalist and business owner can agree on If the scientific consensus is that we need to cut greenhouse gas emissions, then policy makers should focus on cutting emission, not filling the governments coffers with a carbon tax or auction.

Jun 20

Tips for Politicians Going Green

This article appears in the June edition of Politics Magazine (formerly Campaigns & Elections) With environmentalism firmly in the mainstream, you don’t have to press your body against a sappy tree or show your toes in a pair of Birkenstocks to prove you care about protecting the planet. Campaigns can win over millions of voters …

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Feb 09

Christine Gregoire’s Climate Plan: Less Cars

The Washington Governor will rely on reducing cars in a state without transportation alternatives If you have visited Seattle, you may have noticed that there is no mass transit.  A fleet of buses try to bumble through busy streets and highways, but they might contribute to more gridlock than they alleviate. Washington’s Governor has suggested …

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Jan 26

Cape Cod Windfarm Will be a Test of Obama’s Environmental Intentions

President Barack Obama is torn between the competing interests of two major supporters.  One, the Democrat Governor of Massachusetts and early campaign supporter Deval Patrick to build a windfarm off the coast of Cape Cod; the other, Senator Edward Kennedy whose ocean view would be changed by the proposed renewable facility.  In an article posted …

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Jan 12

Obama’s Climate Change “Czar” is already Attracting Critisism for Socialist Past

When we start calling bureaucrats “czars” is it any wonder that we attract socialists? The Washington Times has just uncovered the dirt on Barack Obama’s earth friendly pick for climate change Czar(ina) This may prove to be one of the most difficult jobs in the new administration in terms of criticism and public attacks.  There …

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Jan 12

EPA Cow Tax Will Hurt Farmers and Likely do Nothing to Reduce Green House Gasses

The best way to reduce greenhouse gasses is to build a marketplace for emissions that sets a price for pollution, not attempt to command and control behaviors through regulations.  Right now, there is talk of an EPA tax on greenhouse gas that would charge farmers around $150 for each cow and up to $20 per …

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Nov 06

Standard Carbon footprint analysis featured on CNN

On Election Day, CNN Headline News interviewed Standard Carbon’s Brendan Woodward to discuss the carbon footprint of the presidential election. In the full interview, political hypocrisy was discussed as both candidates have proposed cap and trade regulations, but not chosen to follow them on a voluntary basis. The climate change impact of the two candidates …

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