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Dec 10

Quick Stop on Durban COP-December 10

10 December 2011 | DURBAN | 0907 GMT | Attention has now shifted to the high-level talks, which are being adequately covered by the mainstream media. We will be in transit until Sunday, and hope to have a more reflected and comprehensive summary for …

Nov 29

Quick Stop on Durban COP-November 29

The 17th session of the Conference of Parties (COP 17) to the UNFCCC began on Monday in Durban, South Africa. Before the negotiations and side events get into full swing, here is a look at where discussions currently stand for some of the conference’s…

Nov 16

Navigating the Durban Daze: the What, Where and When for Our Favorite COP 17 Events

By Christina Mercado

Do you know where your stakeholders are?
If you’re having trouble deciding which COP 17 side events to attend, and are already feeling lost in a frenzy of panels, speakers and workshops – fear not!

To make your life just a litt…

Jul 21

ACR Goes to Europe

Today, the American Carbon Registry (ACR) and the International Carbon Reduction and Offset Alliance (ICROA) announced that carbon offsets adhering to ACR standard are now recognized for use by ICROA members.

ICROA members – all of them offset retail…

Apr 07

EPA GHG Reprieve Remains Tenuous

7 April 2011 | The US Senate on Wednesday narrowly preserved the Environmental Protection Agency’s authority to regulate greenhouse gas emissions under the Clean Air Act by shooting down a bill that denies scientific findings on climate change, but tha…

Mar 29

ACR Salutes Voluntary Carbon Innovators

So the fate of your AB32-compliant credits is still up in the air (literally). So the value of your multi-million dollar investment in Chicago Climate Exchange credits took a hit. So the sweeping federal program to cap emissions in the US, unite region…

Mar 16

IETA Carbon Forum North America: Day 2

By Maud Warner and Daniel Kandy | While the first day of the International Emissions Trading Association’s (IETA) Carbon Forum North America focused on the broad topics of carbon market interactions and outlook, day 2 drilled down to the nitty gritt…

Mar 15

IETA Carbon Forum North America: Day 1

By Maud Warner and Molly Peters-Stanley | Here at the International Emissions Trading Association’s Carbon Forum North America, Ecosystem Marketplace’s Carbon Team is mixing with policymakers, market players and other carbon wonks to get the lowdown …

Mar 14

Following (voluntary) protocol

Panelists taking part in an early morning plenary session of IETA’s Carbon Forum North America might have been surprised by the high level of attendance at the 8:30 AM session.

It turns out that IETA organizers know exactly how to turn out a crowd, an…

Dec 10

Quick Stop on Cancun COP: December 8


Talks continued to go sideways and wrapped up with five different proposals for forest management on the table at a time when options are supposed to be reducing – not proliferating. Several developing nations accused Australia of bullying Tuva…

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