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Sep 19

Creating incentives for oil companies to protect surface land

This summer PERC welcomed sixteen conservationists from around the world for its 11th annual Enviropreneur Institute. For two weeks, participants have the opportunity to interact with leading experts in the field of free market environmentalism, includ…

Jun 10

The Devil’s Black Gold

By Roger Meiners
“Chevron Guilty of Polluting the Amazon” reported Greenpeace on its website in February. Chevron was ordered by a court in Ecuador to pay $9.5 billion in damages for injuries imposed on people and the environment in Ecuador from its oi…

Jun 09

The case for cap-and trade

THE CAP: A limit on the total carbon emissions for the country. Shares are allocated to companies in the form of emissions permits.
THE TRADE: The sale of unused permits by a company that can inexpensively reduce its emissions to a company that has hig…

Apr 17

Renewables are a costly shot in the dark

By Roger Meiners
The Colorado Renewable Energy Standard requires that investor-owned power companies must produce 30 percent of their power from “renewable energy” in fewer than nine years. Not to be outdone, some “clean energy” advocates assert Boulde…

Apr 07

U.S. can’t afford to scrap nuclear power

By Andrew P. Morriss
TUSCALOOSA, Ala. — Despite the disaster at Japan’s Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power complex, eliminating the technology that provides 21 percent of the United States’ electricity and 14 percent of electricity worldwide would be da…

Mar 24

Green-Washing Energy Efficiency

By Holly Fretwell
It is often believed, and in fact intended, that regulations requiring increased energy efficiency will reduce energy consumption. In reality, however, the opposite may be true.
Look back to 1975, and the original Corporat…

Mar 01

The Green-Economy Mirage

By Andrew P. Morriss
If you got an email offering you the chance to invest in a business that would create new profitable industries, employ millions of people, reduce energy consumption without reducing quality of life, and improve environ…

Feb 28

The False Promise of Green Energy

By Andrew P. Morriss, William T. Bogart,
Roger E. Meiners, and Andrew Dorchak
Green energy promises an alluring future – more jobs in a cleaner environment. We will enjoy a new economy driven by clean electricity, less pollution, and, of co…