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Dec 20

PERC Enviropreneur applies market-based strategies to restoring coral reefs

Brett Howell is a 2010 graduate of the PERC Enviropreneur Institute.
By Colleen Setz
Brett Howell received his MBA from Leeds School of Business in May 2010 with a concentration in Real Estate and Sustainability. As part of his MBA coursew…

Jul 01

2011 Enviropreneur Institute

Agenda Readings Faculty Participants

PERC’s 11th Enviropreneur Institute begins June 26, 2011. From among the many qualified applicants, the selection committee has selected 16 participants for this year’s program.

Feb 25

Restore a park, save a nation

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By Linda Platts
Gregg Carr made a fortune with voicemail and the Internet before resigning from every one of his for-profit positions to become a philanthropist. He believes that giving is a form of entrepreneurship and that…

Feb 24

Class of 2001: Where are they now?


John Charles
Cascade Policy Institute
In 2004, John Charles became the president of Cascade Policy Institute – an Oregon-based think tank working for state-level reform in areas such as land-use regulation, energy, and taxation. John spea…

Feb 24

Sourcing for style: an eco-model changes the fashion landscape

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By Summer Rayne Oakes
My love for the environment drives my passion for fashion. When it comes to what we wear, we seldom consider how it affects the natural, cultural, and economic world around us. But both designers and con…