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Nov 01

Designing rights-based fisheries programs

By Kurt Erik Schnier
The evidence is in: Catch shares and other rights-based fisheries management programs work. They work on a number of dimensions – longer seasons, fresher product, more efficient use of fishing capital and labor, increas…

Oct 26

Fencing fisheries in Namibia and beyond: Lessons from the developing world

By Laura Huggins
Thoughtful reform is unusual. PERC has explained the scope of the environmental and economic benefits that can emerge from amending the structure of a regulatory regime, but logic and evidence are rarely enough to carry the day…

May 17

Saving Ocean Fisheries with Property Rights

Saving Ocean Fisheries with Property Rights is the first in a series of PERC videos that will document how Free Market Environmentalism solves real-world conservation problems. Don Leal, PERC’s research director, and Mark Lundsten, a former boat captai…