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Nov 01

Kermit for president and PERCies for his cabinet

By Terry L. Anderson
For too long, conservatives have considered the environment to be their Achilles heel. If you are conservative you are in favor of economic growth, free markets, and less government, all of which are seen as the antithe…

Sep 22

How about a Green Tea Party

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By Terry L. Anderson
As the presidential campaign heats up, it would be nice to see some environmental leadership. Unfortunately, neither political party is providing it. Democrats keep throwing money and regulations at environmental …

Mar 27

Debunking myths about free-market environmentalism

By Shawn Regan
A recent post on Grist attempted to dismantle the intellectual foundations of free-market environmentalism — the application of markets and property rights to solve environmental problems. But far from toppling a burgeoning …

Mar 25

Terry Anderson lectures in Prague

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The Prague Conference on Political Economy 2011 (PCPE) commemorates the heritage of two political economists, towering statures of social sciences, whose lives are bound with the city of Prague: Franz Cuhel and Fried…