From 2006 to 2010, Standard Carbon LLC was a leader in the development and aggregation of carbon offset credits. The original team consisted of Brendan Woodward, Angela Shea Parks, Mike Reph, and Chase Little.

We participated in phase I&II of the Chicago Climate Exchange, America’s first voluntary and transparent greenhouse gas market.  In this role, we secured approval for some of the first forest generated offset credits in the country.

As a consulting party, we assisted Non-profits, Multi National Corporations, Members of the US Congress, and many others to calculate and offset their greenhouse gas footprints and secure high quality, verified emissions reductions credits.   Our pioneering work was featured in numerous local, regional and national news journals.

On January 1, 2011 we ended our operation as a provider of voluntary carbon offsets.  This decision was reached because of changing trends in the marketplace and economy.  We continue to believe that voluntary greenhouse gas markets, and other markets for ecosystem services are the best solution for the environmental challenges faced by our country and climate.

Our website will continue to be used as a place for distributing great news from forward thinking people in the environmental community.

To get in touch with us, or anyone who you worked with on staff, please email info @standardcarbon.com


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