The Solution to Carbon Capture and Storage

We provide a sustainable solution to climate change by converting CO2 emissions to energy that can be stored and deployed economically anywhere worldwide using the current utility infrastructure. Turn your carbon pollution into clean, profitable energy. We are the key to a trillion dollar clean energy economy of the future.



Climate change innovation needs to focus on rapid deployment; economies of scale; affordability for developing countries; the need for renewable energy when intermittent sources such as solar and wind aren’t producing; the existing utility infrastructure and its sunk costs; and important safety and technical limitations.

Standard Carbon has an answer.

Ray of Light


We turn carbon emissions into bountiful renewable energy that is easily stored. Standard Carbon’s innovation is a modular, shipping container sized energy factory that scrubs carbon emissions from any combustion source and converts the pollution into clean natural gas. The process is driven in 5 minute energy bursts automated to allow the use of the lowest cost green electric rates on the grid. We offer a closed-loop solution to climate change and carbon capture without disrupting the existing energy infrastructure.  
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Patent 11,091,408 Granted
August 17, 2021!

"A method and system are provided to recover water and carbon dioxide from combustion emissions. The recovery includes, among other things, electrolysis and carbon dioxide capture in a suitable solvent. The recovered water and carbon dioxide are subject to reaction, such as a catalytic methanation reaction, to generate at least methane."

USPTO 11,091,408


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