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Apr 30

Dino Falaschetti joins PERC’s leadership team

Dino Falaschetti

Any organization, for profit or not-for-profit, must continually look to the future, and I am pleased to say that PERC’s future is brighter than ever. Not only does PERC continue to be the world’s leader in research demonstrating the …

Apr 20

Hello world!

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Apr 17

Scourge: IIlegal Aliens in our Midst

By Paul Schwennesen
This may be no surprise to the rest of you, but down here in border country, we are surrounded by immigrants. Aliens at every turn. Invading the places we live and work, they threaten the very stability of our established order. The…

Apr 16

Little Green Lies: Twelve Environmental Myths

By Jeff Bennett
The natural environment matters a lot to many people. Their views on issues such as recycling, population control, economic growth and renewable energy are often held strongly and emotionally. But some of these views are bes…

Apr 10

Earth Day 1970 revisited

By Bruce Yandle

As we approach Earth Day 2012, I offer a sobering proposition: The blueprints of our major air and water pollution control statutes were flawed at birth. Designed for a smokestack economy that no longer exists, the stat…

Apr 01

Climate Action Offsetter: TerraPass Your Gas at Mom’s Organic Market

written by TerraPass MOM’s Organic Market is an innovative and progressive green business at its core, and it came as no surprise when they wanted to team-up with us to take it one step further by offsetting the emissions created by their customers

Mar 30

2012 Enviropreneur Institute

Agenda Readings Faculty Participants

PERC’s 12th Enviropreneur Institute begins June 24, 2012. From among the many qualified applicants, 16 participants have been selected.

Mar 01

PERC Winter 2012

Mar 01

Where free markets meet faith

By Paul Schwennesen
On first blush, there doesn’t appear to be much in common between those placing their faith in markets and those putting faith in the divine. Wasn’t it the moneychangers, after all, who incurred the physical wrath of an …

Feb 08

Climate Action Offsetter: Sokol Blosser Winery Achieves Carbon Reduction, Works Toward Carbon Restoration

written by Sokol Blosser Winery In 2007 Oregon Governor Ted Kulongoski initiated a challenge to the Oregon wine industry: “Make 20 wineries carbon neutral in 18 months.”  As one of the founding wineries in Oregon and a leader in sustainability, So…

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