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The solution had been developed in studies commissioned by the European Union and Japan decades ago. Power-to-gas long-duration energy storage had the potential to transform abundant renewable energy into stable baseload power. Determined to bring this vision to life, I invested personal resources and secured grants from the Israeli Ministry of Energy to develop the intellectual property that now forms the foundation of Standard Carbon. To translate this vision into action, I licensed this IP to Standard Carbon Technology LLC in the United States. Our journey at Standard Carbon is rooted in an unwavering belief in the power of technology to reshape our world for shared prosperity. We invite you to join us on this path and be a part of the solution to some of the world's most pressing challenges.

Thank you for your support and trust in our mission.

-Natan Shahar, Inventor of Standard Carbon Technology


Dear Visitors,

As the inventor of Standard Carbon's solution, I feel compelled to share the journey that led to the creation of this company and its mission. Growing up in New Jersey, I was witness to the loss of my next-door neighbor during the 9/11 attacks, which left three young children without a father. This event served as a stark awakening to the role of fossil fuels in funding destructive acts across the globe. My path eventually led me to Israel, where the reality connecting violence to petrodollars became even more apparent.  The burgeoning environmental crisis reinforced my sense of purpose. It was during an email exchange with a friend in 2018 that I had an epiphany.


Our engineers are experts across various domains: mechanical, environmental, chemical, electrical, and software. Our investors and partners have expertise in both conventional and renewable energy ecosystems, and work with energy traders to decipher market fluctuations and uncover opportunities. They call upon regulatory specialists to navigate legal landscapes, manufacturing experts to ensure product integrity, and highly skilled technicians to solve unique technical challenges. Together, we structure projects for optimum ROI, while calling on public institutions to generously contribute their financial vote of confidence. Our seasoned customer success team guarantees an end-to-end rewarding experience for our clients.

CEO & Co-Founder

Dell Perelman


Boris Dvinsky


Benyamin Clayman

Inventor of SC

Natan Shahar

VP of Engineering

Avshalom Davidesko

R&D Engineer

Iliya Ulitsin

Mechanical Engineer

Ziv Binyamini

R&D Engineer

Omer Bachar

R&D Engineer

Daniel Tsukerman

Sustainability & Policy Manager

Mordechai Katz

Environmental Engineer

Thais G. Schtruk

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