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  • Power-to-Methane (P2M) technology converts surplus electricity into methane, offering a storage solution for renewable energy. It integrates carbon capture, energy storage, and methane production.​

  • Electricity activates the system to convert stored CO₂ into methane. It employs an electrolyzer for hydrogen production and a Sabatier reactor for methane synthesis. The result is stored methane ready for use.

  • P2M serves as an arbitrage tool by capturing surplus electricity when prices are low and converting it into methane. The methane can be sold back to the grid when demand peaks, ensuring profitability.​

  • By converting surplus renewable electricity into methane, P2M makes renewable energy more versatile and easier to store, fostering its broader adoption.​

  • P2M can store excess energy for long durations, allowing businesses to buy low and sell high, effectively capitalizing on real-time electricity prices versus daily natural gas prices.​

  • CO₂ emissions from combustion-based power plants get converted into methane. This eliminates the need for permanent CO₂ storage and allows for a closed-loop system.​

  • Yes. Methane easily integrates into existing natural gas systems, making the technology adaptable and cost-effective.​

  • Consult local utility regulators and energy market authorities for compliance with grid interconnection, electricity purchasing, and emissions regulations.​

  • Yes. The system can be mass-produced and installed in a modular fashion.​

  • The technology achieves a net thermal efficiency of nearly 60% in terms of electricity in relation to the heating value of the fuel produced. This approaches the thermodynamic maximum and is bolstered by an electrolyzer efficiency of 75%.

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